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  • Natalia Alexandrova
  • Honored Artist of Russia
  • Repertoire: ancient russian, modern and city romances.
  • Pskov city (Russian)


Natalia Alexandrova thanks deputies for their appreciation of merit and said, "Serv the arts."

Natalia Ivanovna, most of your fans are accustomed to think that you're the native Pskov city citizen?

Yes, that true

But what about the place of birth? It is exotic – Magadansky region'

It just happened , that my father  - a native resident of Pskov city –

He was moved to the North for the earnings as a gold digger. And the most of his gold bullion s was weighing 5 kg 150 grams – this is my weights when I was born. I was born in11 of January of 1961 years. And we came back to the Pskov when I was almost four. And  I live there all my life. You were graduated school No. 13, and seems that your school has given to the world three singers- besides you, the same school was graduated soloist of the Vienna Opera - Olesya Golovneva, Moscow  singer Natalia Smirnova. Maybe there was a special technique of music lessons to teach?

- No, we had ordinary school, is not at all «elite». There were studying ordinary guys, in our class «В», you know,  was backyard  brotherhoods. Officer children studied separately, in other classes, in our company was all-round guys, « Morozovskaya vetvj»,  « Podborovje »
And almost all of us became successful and held persons. Who found themselves in the different fields and areas -from the art to economic. Moreover we still the friends till today. Although many of them left Pskov, we get in touch time to time.

Good apply for success. And you did perform there as accordion player?

Yes. Afterwards Ministry of Culturegave the task to us create the Ensemble of guslars on the Pskov land. And all of that   has grown to the base of professional activities.

Good step to the final success. And there you acted like an accordionist?

And abroad the fatherland tours?

Yes, later started overseas tours. Finland, Germany, China.

As well as my visiting foreign countries with tours as guitar player and solo artist,

For example: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia ...

And did you felt any censorship bans on you there?

I don’t remember any kind of enforcement,an exception of  one  incident, when I received recommendations  not singing on the stage of the Pushkin Theater a romance about the Golitsyne lieutenant.

You still it singing now?

Of course.

By the by audience of the Baltic States very like white guard romances.I visited the  Baltic States every three months and the are was full house.

What about now?

I have tours to Latvia, Estonia, and  that is  clubs for elite  audience  and small concert halls.

What about Your anniversary concert?
Let it will not be so called like this. It just the way to report my audiences that I am never stop to go, I honestly earning  my bread , I still  alive and I am in love with my public.

In this, no one doubts.

Encircling force of your listeners changes with time past? Or you have constant loyal audience?

You know, I speak with the listeners time to time, with my friends. And their say that coming to my concerts with  their children’s. So therefore I think that encircling force of my listeners becomes wider

At this concert you have been prepared something special in program?

I thought that is the better way to still trusty traditional, than new and absurdly

Therefore - «And again as well as in speaking. But in the fact it’s so simple – I am just very devoted to my work, philharmonic, to my country and city.

You look like impressed person who’s… maybe not calm, but placid, and probably happy?  

I dont love a few things: flirting (even I bring up my daughter with the contempt point about coquetry, including feminine flirting), heartburning and complain. 

Everything is alright with me, perfectly! When I see full hall, I am so happy. And amazed! And I wish so much to discover those thousands of people, who buy tickets to listen me

Amazement of discharge, you make the things you love and you get paid for that, something like that, isnt it?

Perhaps, yes.

But if seriously , I know: everything I say from the stage is reflected in people,  forms their  world outlook, ideology or at least  their feel taste, aesthetics., the way of soul moving.

Are you religious? -I'm a believer, but not a religious. Divine Worship I don’t know, but I love it. Even in church I I never sang, but I have in list of my Repertoire songs of hieromonk Roman, he blessed me for singing. Those are prayer of penitence; they enter   in the depths of the heart.

What do you expect from your life? Or simply willing to have?
"I don’t want to anger the God with desires."

You're concerned before your concerts? Always nervous before concerts, and honestly to say it is not enough calm in my life. What about this concert - I am worry about it for a long time. One day I got that I have less of inspiration. Really Isn't enough.  So much, that I can’t make a program.. And then I stood in front of The Icon of the Mother of God, prayed whereupon I sat down and wrote the entire scenario from the first letter to last.

 -But after concerts? You will the satisfaction?

No, I don’t. Rather to say I feel mixed sense. Feeling worried  and devastated  or just having anxiety about things I didn’t say or do . But if I hear praise on someone in essence , not just falling asleep compliments, it's very nicely. 

Whose praise do you appreciate most?

Husbands and children’s

What about inspiration, if  you are not inspired, do you refuse your work?

No, I do not stop working!  Work is obligatory life process. I think the God makes the point of overcoming obstacles – and that is correct point. Be afraid if everything comes with ease.

When you go over the snow, you fall when you don’t suspect that under the brilliant snow there is ice.  
But when you go through life with a sense of attention – everything  turns out!

Interviewed by Elena Shiryaeva

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